Bikini Boot Camp (Women Only) ● 4-Week & 8-week Camps      4-Week Boot Camp Starts March 27th!

FITNESS LEVEL: All Fitness Levels. Women ages 18 and up.

SIMILAR TO: Personal Training, Competition Training


Trainers: Steve Pfiester, Bonnie Pfiester, Paula Feil, Travis Bass


(Coed) Shred Camp! ● 4-Week & 8-week Camps                             4-Week Year Boot Camp Starts March 27th!

FITNESS LEVEL: All Fitness Levels. Men and women ages 18 and up.

SIMILAR TO: Personal Training, Competition Training

Trainers: Steve Pfiester, Bonnie Pfiester, Paula Feil and Travis Bass


BCx - As Seen On A&E!

Steve and Tasha, from A&E's Fit To Fat To Fit, talk about their experience doing Boot Camp together.




Steve & Tasha's 4-Month Transformation.

Together, they lost OVER 120 POUNDS!!




GOODBYE "Boot Camp"...and HELLO to a NEW kind of training!


When you hear "boot camp", most people think of a trainer yelling at you saying "on your face maggot!", while you attempt to do push ups in the pouring rain (or something equally miserable). While we used to do these types of boot camps, and they were fun for a time, our programs have evolved greatly over the years, specifically the last year - and they've been a HUGE success!

Our newest line of programs (BCx Bikini Camp and Shred Camp) have delivered even greater results without flipping one tire or doing one heavy carry in the rain. While that kind of training has its purpose (and some people love them) and most people want fast results, people have a great need for a long-term fitness solution and lifestyle change.

Old Boot Camp vs New BCx Training Camps

  • LESS "boot campy" type outdoor exercises (flipping tires, heavy carries, etc)
    ...MORE body sculpting, interval training, weight training, HIIT fat-burning cardio and isolated exercises to sculpt specific muscles.

  • LESS intense conditioning and non-stop movement to burn off what you eat
    ...MORE calorie management and regular weigh-ins to track results.
  • LESS performance-based exercise and high-pressure group workouts.
    ...MORE results-based exercise, focusing on form and exercise education.
  • LESS emphasis on extreme training and relying on doing too much intense exercise
    ...MORE on learning a complete lifestyle change.
    education. MORE accountability. MORE empowerment.


When it comes to extreme results, there is nothing more extreme than leaning out for a NPC (physique) competition. Although not everyone wants to compete, most people would love to learn how to shed fat and sculpt muscle. With that in mind, our newest BCx program was born.

These training camps are all about sculpting specific muscles using both functional exercises (like squats, snatches and sit ups) as well as isolated exercises (like shoulder press, lat pull downs and leg extensions). It's not just a workout, it is an education.


BCx stands for Boot Camp Xtreme because it's a fitness camp that delivers extreme results. The "boot camp" terminology is not based on a style of training but the pace in which the program works. The same way you may sign up for a computer boot camp to learn as much as you can in as little time as possible, our BCx programs are accelerated educational fitness programs to teach you how to reach your goal. All BCx programs are 4-8 week programs designed to give you the results you want in a short amount of time.


What you will NOT do in Bikini Camp or Shred Camp:

1. You will NOT be working out outdoors. Most of our workouts are in our group fitness room, indoors, in AC - and some of the training is even doing in the gym using machines.

2. You will NOT use untraditional training tools. Most of the tools you will use are tools available in most gyms like dumbbells, barbells, body bars, resistance bands, medicine balls, BOSU balls, flexibility balls, TRX, aerobics steps, plyo boxes and slam balls.

3. You will NOT have to workout 6 days a week. We have 3 classes a week and 1 homework assignment. This schedule is easily maintainable and designed to teach you how to plan an effective maintainable schedule. While you are encouraged to explore ways to burn more calories and try new workouts (like yoga or running), you can still get amazing results with the classes and BCx diet alone.

4. You will NOT need to take these camps forever. Sadly, since the old school boot camp used so many outdoor untraditional tools, many people felt they had to continue boot camp because they weren't sure how to workout in the gym once boot camp was over. Our new camps place a high emphasis on education. While we do have many repeat boot campers who love the accountability, once you graduate from the program, you will have all the tools you need to continue working out alone in any gym - or even at home.

5. You will NOT get just "any" trainer. All BCx trainers are CERTIFIED and highly experienced. While interns may assist head trainers from time to time, no one will lead you that has not done at least a year internship or who has been a certified trainer for at least one year. Steve and Bonnie personally will train each client at least 1-2 times a week. Approved BCx Trainers are Steve Pfiester B.S.P.T, W.I.T.S. Instructor & Certified Trainer, Bonnie Pfiester W.I.T.S Certified Trainer, Travis Bass W.I.T.S Certified Trainer and Paula Feil, I.S.S.A Certified Trainer.

6. You will NOT be alone. One of the coolest things about this program is how it has developed lasting friends and workout partners. Since most people attend the optional homework session on Saturday mornings, people learn how to spot each other and use gym equipment properly. They practice different workout routines together and, as a result, they build a community of gym friends to meet with outside of boot camp. Once boot camp is over, it is much easier to maintain your routine because your boot camp peers continue their fitness regimen in the gym.

7. You will NOT regret it. These boot camps are much safer than adventure style training. You will get all the diet and training tools you need to pursue a lasting fit lifestyle. Class sizes are limited for optimal guidance. You can't take this program and not leave better than you started.

8. You will NOT have an excuse to not do it. Unlike other boot camps that may be dangerous for people with physical limitations, every workout and every exercise can be safely modified to accommodate any physical limitations. Whether you are 17 or 70, you can get an equally challenging workout that can fit safely within your limits.


 "It is the best experience I've ever had and I've worked out my whole adult life and many years at your place." Jessica


Success Stories...


NOTE: 90% of our Boot Campers do NOT compete. Whether you want to compete or just look like it, our boot camps will teach you everything you need to know to transform your body! CLICK HERE to learn more about NPC Bikini Competitions & Team Max.


"It has been over a month since I finished bikini camp. I met met my goals during camp, have not gained any weight back, and am setting new goals today!" Valerie 


"Bikini Bootcamp has changed my life in many wonderful ways, and I owe that to you two. It really is an amazing program, and I know you both work hard to make it what it is. I know I'm the first one to whine, moan and roll my eyes but I really do love every hard minute of it. Thank you for helping me to achieve something I never thought possible. You are both a wonderful gift in my life." Leigh (Bikini Camp)


"Blair and I were able to strengthen our relationship, by doing this class together. It taught us to look at food labels, good eating habits, accountability to our weight loss goals, new ways to have fun together, and also meeting other couples that have the same goals. Thank you so much to Steve, Bonnie, and Paula for keeping us motivated. And also to our new family and friends at Max Fitness . Love to all." Blair & Missy (Shred Camp)

"I have done nothing but run for the past 10 years of my life. I don’t think I have looked sideways at a weight. I am (scratch that WAS) totally intimidated by the gym and only ventured through the doors if the weather was too inclement to run outside. And, when I did go, I stuck to the cardio machines where I was in my comfort zone. At least there I wouldn’t look like some idiot that didn’t know what she was doing. And though I thought I was “healthy”, I knew something was “off”. I was weak. I started seeing dreaded cellulite, AND I couldn’t take off the last 10 pounds of baby weight after my second child. Not to mention, I couldn’t even do one push up. Eating clean and running weren’t cutting it anymore. I was not happy with myself. And then, you two came along. The first day of class, I had NO CLUE what was going on. And, I was terrified. I honestly remember thinking that I was the biggest loser in the whole group. Everyone could lift more than me, was more coordinated than I was, and everyone seemed to love it. Honestly, I hated it. I had to force myself to go. Then one day an awakening happened, and now I can’t live without it. I see lives and bodies changing every day at your gym. It is so inspiring. I can’t imagine the countless lives you have affected and will continue to affect. I feel so blessed to be a part of that. I have never been to a gym where the staff, and especially the owners, care about you being the best “you” you can be. Usually they just collect your money and let you do your thing. Thank you for bringing me out of my comfort zone, for empowering me, and for being the catalyst for such a powerful change in my life. And though I have a long way to go, and am still a little terrified of both of you, I am forever grateful. Just wanted you to know that. Mindy (Shred Camp)

"After many years of fads and fitness trends, we finally reached our fitness goals with the help and support from Team Max. The team members provide such support and inspiration for one another even when personal goals differ among members. For us, this was the way toward the end of middle age obesity and the beginning of our future living the healthiest lifestyle possible. Steve and Bonnie Pfiester have designed the perfect program for every body shape all in one. Their Bikini Boot Camp is a melting pot for various fitness levels all in one. Yet, so many members ended up on stage celebrating their success. How cool is that?" Valerie, Nurse Practioner (Bikini Camp)

"I lost 36.3 pounds and 34.4 lbs of Body Fat. This was the best boot camp I have completed since my very first one years ago at the old gym. The motivation and determination of you, Steve, Paula and the other women is remarkable. Tina (Bikini Camp & Shred Camp)


"All i can say is yippee!!!! 13 lbs gone!!! When i started 4 weeks ago, I hadn't worked out for 5 months. I couldn't do a burpee properly, and now I can! Very excited!!! feeling blessed!" Barb (Bikini Camp)


"It is the best experience I've ever had and I've worked out my whole adult life and many years at your places." Jessica (Bikini Camp)


"It has been over a month since I finished bikini camp. I met met my goals during camp, have not gained any weight back, and am setting new goals today!" Valerie (Bikini Camp)

Prior "Old School" Boot Camp Footage


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